Cyber Security Path

"There are two kinds of people in America today: those who have experienced a foreign cyber attack and know it, and those who have experienced a foreign cyber attack and don't know it."

- Frank Wolf

Badge cyber security

Learn Cyber Security to Succeed

Earn digital badges that can increase your online resume and web presence as you build useful workforce development skills.

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Ethical Use

Students learn to use computer and network knowledge ethically

Risk Analysis

Students learn to identify security threats and how to protect against them


Students learn to identify and create safe passwords

Safe and Malicious Software

Students learn to identify which software is safe and which may be malicious

Classic Cryptography

Students learn to identify classic cryptography methods and how they were used in the past

Level 1 Cyber Security: Introduction to Cyber Security

  • Identify some methods hackers use to gain unauthorized access to a computer or network
  • Read examples of Cyber Security threats and determine if the people involved acted ethically
  • Read about recent hacking attacks. Identify the victim, the attacker, the motive, and the result
  • Learn about the ethical use of computers
  • Define 'Cyber Security'

Level 2 Cyber Security: Cyber Security Fundamentals

  • Learn about classic cryptography methods and how they were used in the past
  • Learn about public records, online research, and social engineering
  • Learn about antivirus software and the malware that it protects against
  • Learn about password managers and how to use them
  • Learn to identify good and bad passwords and create strong passwords

Level 3 Cyber Security: Digital Forensics

  • Learn about disk imaging
  • Learn how digital evidence is gathered & analyzed
  • Learn about different types of cyber crime
  • Learn what digital forensics is

Level 4 Cyber Security: Modern Cryptography

  • Learn about TLS and its use in internet transactions
  • Learn how modular arithmetic makes public key cryptography possible
  • Learn about modular arithmetic
  • Learn about asymmetric encryption
  • Learn about key sizes
  • Learn about symmetric encryption